YEWA G6 AMBASSADORS CLUB, a socio – cultural organisation has read a publication titled, “Egba, Yewa clash over choice of MAPOLY, Abeokuta”.

Ordinarily, the issue of this nature may not concern a socio-cultural club like our own if not for the half truth and misrepresentation of facts as laid down in the story.

As a Yewa club, we are, from the beginning, monitoring the welfare of our people and happenings in both public and private organisations in the state, including MAPOLY.

The online news medium claimed that there is the introduction of politics into the ‘Ẹ̀gbá, and ‘Yewa rectorship matter in the Polytechnic.

The reporter also claimed that three people were shortlisted for the interview, out of which an Egba indigene came first while another Yewa indigene came second.

The online news medium has further revealed that since the inception of the Polytechnic, six(6) Rectors, including the current acting Rector have been appointed to superintend over the affairs of the Polytechnic.

Firstly, we do not see any introduction of politics in this matter from the side of Yewa, but we cannot speak for the Egbas whether or not they’re involved in an underground politics on the matter.

The medium noted that three people were shortlisted for the interview with an Egba man coming first and a Yewa man coming second. The reporter did not, however, include in the story who is the Yewa man that came second because we are aware that two Yewa people attended the interview.

We are not also aware that government has released the result of the interview and for the news medium to conclude that an Egba man came first in the interview is questionable and suspicious. The question now is ‘How did the reporter get to know the result of an interview that has not been released by the government?

It also claimed that since the establishment of the
Polytechnic, six Rectors have been appointed. That claim is not correct.

To set the records straight, Nine(9) Rectors, including the incumbent Acting Rector have been appointed since the establishment of the Polytechnic in January,1979.

They are:

1. DR TUNJI SONOLA, (Egba man from Ake)
2. DR ADEBISI ADEBAYO (Egba man from Igbore)
3. DR KEHINDE JIBODU (Sagamu Remo)
4. TP ALH WAHEED AYINLA KADIRI (Egba man from Ijaye.)
6. PROF. OLUDELE ITIOLA, (Ẹ̀gbá man from Owu.)
7. DR AYODEJI TELLA , (Egba man from Mokola)
8. DR SAMSON ADEOLA ODEDINA, (Egba man from Ilogbo), and
9. DR ADEOYE DAVID ODEDEJI, Acting Rector, (Yewa man from Igan Alade)

From the above, it is clear that the Egbas have been Rector for six(6) times out of nine, Ijebu once and Remo once.
The only time a Yewa man is occupying this position is in an acting capacity, yet the Egbas want their kinsman to occupy the position by asking and/or pressuring the governor to relinquish the man of the position.

To us in YEWA G6 AMBASSADORS CLUB, this is unacceptable because the institution belongs to Ogun State and not Egba or Abeokuta!

We plead with His Excellency, Prince(DR) Dapo Abiodun MFR, not to yield to the pressure coming from the Egba community for the sake of equity, fairness and justice.

We also plead that the Acting Rector, DR ADEOYE DAVID ODEDEJI be confirmed as substantive Rector, so as to put an end to this unnecessary lobbying.

Your Excellency sir, please allow justice, equity and fair play to continue to be your watchword in this case as you are known to have demonstrated in the past.

Long live MAPOLY,
Long live Yewa land,
Long live Ogun State.




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