Unlike past four years, all things being equal, (ceteris paribus) Oluwakemi Dairo would celebrate her fifth year in marriage by December 2020 in Grand style.

She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on Thursday, the 17th day of September, 2020.

Mr Seun and Mrs Kemi Dairo with their newly born baby

According to her, the pregnancy and the delivery module were beyond human comprehension.

Oluwakemi Dairo nee Fagbire, as her maiden name depicts, is a princess from Ayetoro-Yewa in Yewa North Local Government of Ogun State.

HRM Oba Taiwo Fagbire, Kemi’s biological father, ruled over Ayetoro between 1981 to 2001.

“As a devoted Muslim, my late father had prepared me against life challenges, such that, my renewed belief – as a born again Christian – that I am going to have my own child even after four years in marriage didn’t wane, but how, I didn’t know, Kemi stated.

“Notwithstanding confirmations by several gynaecologists and obstetricians of FMC, Abeokuta and UCH, Ibadan, that faetus won’t survive in my womb due to my health complications.

“It was during a church service in December 2019, that our Bishop Olaoluwa Oluwasanjo Oluwadairo (G.O. Jerusalem City Transformation Church, Ita-Oshin, Abrokuta) prophesied that my womb will henceforth be fruitful, that I will become pregnant before the end of the month”.

Bishop Oluwasanjo Oluwasanjo, G.O. Jerusalem City Transformation Church, Ita-Oshin, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

“You’ll deliver a baby on the 17th day of September, 2020, the Bishop added.

“It wasn’t strange to me because there had been uncountable fulfilled prophecies in the church.

“But considering my health status, as an imperfect human being, I hoped in a special grace”.

Kemi explained that even after the second month, her menstrual cycle would not stop.

“And the Bishop was not bothered about my unending cycle, infact, he warned me not to do ultrasound scan until April.

“When I attended ante-natal, a doctor advised me to terminate the pregnancy to avoid losing my life during labour.

“But the Bishop insisted that God has spoken and it shall come to pass comes what may.

“When the time comes for the aforesaid delivery surgical operation, there was confusion among the surgeons as a section has chosen 16th September to bring forth the baby while others preferred 18th.

“Not quite long, the surgeons unanimously changed the operation day from 16th to Friday 18th. Some hours after, they preferred Thursday 17th, which was the actual date prophesied by the Bishop, the day my first born arrived this world at last.

Newly born baby by Mr Seun and Mrs Kemi Dairo

“The truth is, orthodox specialists have on many occasions written me off as a potential mother, but today, God of Jerusalem City Transformation Church has done it”.

Corroborating his wife, Mr Seun Dairo, stated that he would never doubt any utterances coming out of Bishop Oluwadairo, but what marveled him was the precision in the delivery date.

“My father who happened to be the Bishop prophesied the existence of the pregnancy and the day of delivery even before the fertilization of our eggs.

“All these while, in my over twenty years of staying with the Bishop, it had been others who have been enjoying Divine blessings, but now it is my turn, to God be the glory.

“It has surely boost my faith; I can authoritatively say that my wife’s pregnancy and her delivery was a real and confirmed prophecy fulfilled. It was a pure act of God, the one we call Miracle”

Dairo who is the adopted son of Bishop Oluwadairo however prayed God to continue using the Bishop to deliver many more from varied bondages.

One of the senior pastors in the church, Pastor Temitope Hokan, said, testimonies are just too many that he can’t remember which one to relate.

Senior Pastor Hokan of JCTC, Ita-Oshin, Abeokuta

“I remembered a woman whose child was sick in Ondo then, and the woman came to the church and entered up to the altar, she didn’t meet the man of God but according to her, she saw an old man on the Altar who told her to get a sachet of water and sprinkle on the child when she get back to the hospital, she did it and child came back to life.

“There are so many women who had been looking for the fruits of the womb that he will just call them out, asked them which month or when they want to get pregnant and to the glory of God they are with their babes now.

“I remembered a lady from Abuja who has been married for years without a child and the Bishop asked her to bring three kinds of fruit to eat and after she said she will not mind if God give her twin but the man of God said what about triplets? And to the glory of God, the lady is blessed with triplets now and they are doing great.

“There was one that the man of God gave him his cloth to use as mantle and family was blessed with a girl.

“There was woman who was sick in Lagos and she was connected with the Bishop who was in his office in the church and they were communicating on phone, he asked her to open her wardrobe and pick particular anointing oil, because there were some of the oil then that have been polluted. The woman is still alive.

“There are times he will describe place he has never being to people while in the service and even mentioned names of places he had never travel to before and they have been real.

On his giving nature, “I was there, almost twelve years now, when the church just started when God said he should give out his only car then, Honda Cerrato. We were surprised that he gave it out during the service. Later he gave out another Mercedes Benz. I remembered he gave out one jeep and l as I write, if am not mistaken, he has give out about twelve cars; including, Nissan Quest, Golf, Nissan Premiere etc.

“I am aware of many students and pupils he had paid and is still paying their schools fees.

“He has built a house for an old woman in the church as a surprise to her.

“He has contributed to the completion of many houses for members and non-members.

“There are many members and non-members that he has assisted financially.

“His love for members and covenant with God in term of his personal house was that, until ten (10) members completed and packed into their own houses before he will embark on his own.

“Finally, l must confess that he was called by God and truly, he is anointed with uncommon grace of God.

A member of the church, Pastor Samuel Osolake, noted that perhaps there exists a thin line between the Bishop’s deliverance gift and philanthropy will.

“I could remember vividly that the Bishop gave a prophecy to Mrs Dairo. Maybe it was because of the negativity of the medical experts, the day the Bishop declared the prophecy, he began by saying, if truly I was called by God. The statement was unusual. He doesn’t used to say it because all of us believed that he is a true servant of God, so he doesn’t need to tell us.

“The case of Mrs Dairo was peculiar to us because apart from the fact that doctors in FMC and UCH said she can’t conceive, she was once sick to an extent that doctors told her she may not live more than 3 months.

“But the Bishop’s response was that this is not the work of man but the work of God, you will not die; You will to give birth to your baby”.

“He prophesied that Mrs Kemi Dairo will get pregnant, and deliver a baby on an exact date. Now, it has come to pass. Sincerely, he has performed many miracles.

“By the grace given to our Bishop, if we will have to change the name of our church, it can only be “Testimony Church” because it is where testimony happens day in day out.

“My piece of advice is that Nigerians should continuing looking unto God, for our Creator, God Almighty, doesn’t disappoint”